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From: Ed Rivis, 27th Sept 2011

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

    If you're interested in Internet Marketing you probably know that lead pages — or ‘squeeze pages’ as they’re also called — are one of the most important kind of pages you can put online to build a big list of sales-leads and grow your business.

    They're the special kind of web page that offers something free (like a PDF file or video) in return for the visitor’s e-mail address and other personal details.

    The basic premise is to create a free gift that your potential customers and clients can only instantly get access to after they’ve entered their e-mail into a ‘web form’ and clicked a Submit button.

    They then automatically receive an e-mail which contains a link to a hidden download page where they retrieve that free gift... and in return you get permission to send them additional ongoing e-mails with offers for your products and services.

    All you have to do then is send e-mails, follow up, build a relationship with them and, as one of my clients says, “Sell, Sell, Sell!”

    Now the fact you’re reading THIS letter means it’s highly likely you’ve already seen one or more of my own lead pages. If you’ve ever downloaded a free book or report from me, then you’ve actually submitted your e-mail address using one of my lead pages too!

The question is... how many Lead Pages are you using in your business?

To optimize your lead page’s ability to capture lots of e-mails and build a big list of targeted sales-leads you should have at least one lead page relating to every major product and service you offer.

    Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it!

    The thing is though, amazing things can happen when you have one or more lead pages, and are actively promoting them to grow a big list of e-mail subscribers and active sales leads.

    You probably already know the benefits of using lead pages to build a big list of e-mail addresses, but here’s a quick summary for those of you that don’t…

And best of all…

All of those things happened for me after I launched my first lead page, and my first effort wasn’t a patch on the ones I create these days – the same ones you're now able to automatically generate, using the software below.

    I could go on and on about how great lead pages are, but quite frankly, if you’ve never heard of lead pages (or ‘Name squeeze pages’ as they’re also called) then you should probably stop reading this letter and click the back button on your web browser. Because unless the thought of being able to create professionally designed lead pages at the click of a button really excites you, there’s no point reading on…

    Lead Site Launcher is a revolutionary new software program that anyone can use to automatically generate squeeze pages and 'capture' the details of hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of qualified, highly-targeted sales-leads and potential customers and clients.

Why revolutionary?

    Well, there are a number of other software solutions available to 'help' you create lead (squeeze) pages. Maybe you've tried some of them? If you have, then like me, you'll have found... there's always a catch.

    Some are expensive. Some need you to have Wordpress running on your website - and want to completely change the theme of your Wordpress Website (even if you only want to set up a single squeeze page!) And some only work with certain e-mail marketing services, like InfusionSoft, and some are just awful in every way imaginable!

    That's been a big problem for me, because since 2004 I've been teaching business owners how and why they should be using to use lead pages to generate new and highly targeted sales leads.

    Once I've explained these amazing benefits to people, and they're chomping at the bit to get these special pages working for their business -- generating hot sales-leads online 24/7 -- I'm always asked... "Okay Ed, I'm ready... so how do I create them?"

    And it's at this point where I've been coming unstuck!!

    Very few web site designers know how to create effective squeeze pages (in my experience here in the UK, most web designers have never even heard the term 'squeeze page'.)

    Referring my clients to web designers isn't an option. (And even if it was, the amount most designers wanted to charge for a simple squeeze page meant that launching lots of these pages wasn't an option... which is a problem because my advice is that you need at least one lead page for every major product and service you sell.)

    And I could of course have suggested they use outsource workers on sites like ELance - but that process can be time-consuming, you have to be extremely specific in what you ask for otherwise you end up with something that's nothing like a squeeze page!

    So I developed a DVD programme which showed the whole process step by step. I sold a lot of those DVDs, but I know very few -- just a tiny percentage -- of the people who bought it ever managed to work through the whole thing and successfully set up their own squeeze page. (It was a 'heavy and complicated' process to say the least!)

    I then spent more than a year (and tens of thousands of pounds) developing a 'desktop software programme' which I thought was the ultimate answer to squeeze page generation... but it was so complicated I had to provide it with a 3-day Workshop to show people how to use it!

    Also because of the way the software was developed and delivered, and the level of technical support it required was so high I had to put a huge price tag on it. In fact it was SO expensive it only ever destined to sell in low volume to the most serious of Internet Marketers. (Not ideal for anyone—either me or my customers.)

    It was only at the beginning of this year that I had an idea to create a brand new massively simplified version of that software -- that you actually install on your own website -- and which was going to be so incredibly easy to use and 'intuitive' that anyone with a basic level of understanding about Internet Marketing and squeeze pages would be able to use it.

    However, I really wasn't sure whether there really was a market for this software, so I ran a survey to my e-mail database of UK small business owners. I gave them 12 choices for projects I was thinking of working on, and asked them to pick just one idea for me to progress.

    And... squeeze page generation software was the most popular choice.

    (A training course about social media was a close second, but I was delighted the lead page generation software idea won... it was something that I had an 'itch' to develop!)

    So, I finally had an official 'Green Light' to develop software that overcame the three main drawbacks to the other solutions available on the market...

  1. It had to be inexpensive so anyone can afford it. It's a single one time only payment - no ongoing monthly costs or charges.
  2. It had to run directly on the customer's website, so you don't need to pay for any extra web hosting.
  3. It had to be 'standalone', and not require any third party software like Wordpress -- so you can install it on any website without technical challenges.
  4. It had to be super-easy to use, and not require anything other than basic computers skills to use.
  5. It had to be compatible with ALL major e-mail marketing service providers.
  6. It had to generate the exact same style of lead pages that I've personally used to achieve conversion rates as high as 93%... but still allow people to create their own designs (templates) if they want.

    Now I must admit, once I started developing the software, I wondered if I'd bitten off more than I could chew!!

    I went back to the drawing board more than once - scrapping ideas and designs for the software that initially looked promising, until third party feedback told me otherwise.

    I lost count of how many notebooks I used up, filled with scribbles and sketches for ideas. In the end I signed up for an award-winning 'wireframing' service called 'HotGloo' which let me mock-up all the screen for lead site launcher and create an interactive 'prototype'.

    That was a big breakthrough, it let me finalise the design and start programming the software with confidence, and it wasn't long before I had a working version of the software to preview to a few colleagues.

It knocked their socks off!

    In fact someone who works for me was so excited by it she even told me she wanted to personally phone everyone on my e-mail list and tell them about the software, (and she hates cold-calling with a passion! :)

    As it happens she didn't need to do that. I created a quick video preview of the software - an early version that still had a few rough edges (which have since been buffed up to perfection) and posted the video on my blog.

    That was back on 27th June. At that point I'd never shown the software publicly, so I admit I was a tad nervous about how it would be received. (Now I know how X Factor auditionees must have felt like, walking in front of Simon Cowell!)

    Thankfully, the feedback was tremendous.

    Here are a few of the comments left on my blog...

"Absolutely brilliant - pure genius - getting leads for all on all different levels!" - Syd Philips

"Brilliant software and great piece of work -well done." - Naeem Khan

"Ed really like the look of the software. Keep us posted on updates..." - Matt

"Unbelievable!... I will be looking out for your launch and special offer so keep us informed. The very best of success to you Ed." - Sukhy

"I do like this, simple, tight and easy to use......and I have just the the report to give away !" - Mike Egerton

"Fantastic development, Ed.  Please let me know when this is ready!" - Lorne

"...looks wonderful and ends up looking very professional" - Dylington

"Looks like what I have been looking for." -Steve

"Absolutely brilliant - pure genius " - Alih1

"Lead Site Launcher is wonderful news for me.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You" - Brian Philbin

"This new product appears to automate all the areas that required any effort and allows you even greater and simpler levels of creativity." - David Kirton

"This looks great!  Looks easy to use.  Well done." - Barbara

"This is a great idea and takes web sites one stage further. Congratulations on your hard work" - Dafydd Morgan

"It looks as if my prayer has been answered. I will certainly be using this package when it is launched." - James

    And there were lots of other comments too, all along similar lines. (The original blog post is still online here, along with the preview video and all the comments at the bottom of the page.)

    As you can imagine, it was fantastic seeing those comments appear on my blog underneath the preview video I posted. A relief to realize the concept which I'd had for so many years was so well received.

    With renewed motivation I went back and finished off the software - and even hired an expert 'PHP programmer' to add some really advanced features.

    And... Lead Site Launcher is now ready.

    It's been exhaustively tested. Extra features have been added based on feedback received via those blog comments and my 'Beta Testing Team'. And it categorically ticks every item on my list above.

It's incredibly inexpensive...

You won't believe the price! I've set the price so low that any business no matter how large or small can afford the software, and start setting up lead sites. If up to now you've been watching all the other online marketers with their fancy lead pages and have thought "I wish I could do that!"...

    ...well now you can!!

It's dead easy to use.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist or web-geek.

    I've deliberately designed this to be 'point and click simple'. Just click each of the main menu options listed, fill in the blank text boxes and click Save.

    Each time you complete a menu option, the button turns grey so you can instantly see what's next.

    Repeat that for each of the ten buttons in the main menu, including the ability to choose a template (lead site design) with a single click... then Launch!

It couldn't be any easier - and I'm not aware of any simpler solution available for quickly launching complete lead sites.

It's not dependent on any 3rd party software...

Lead Site Launcher does not require Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or ANY other third party CMS system.Wordpress not required (This is a major benefit for anyone who wants to set up squeeze pages on their existing website.)

It doesn't even require a 'MySQL Database' - which means installation and setup is a snap.

Note: Even though it doesn't require it, you can still install Lead Site Launcher on a Wordpress website. Simply install it in a sub-directory and it works fine.

(The video at the top of this page shows me running Lead Site Launcher on my own Wordpress web site, at

And if you don't know what any of these things are - don't worry, because like I say... you don't need them anyway!

It's compatible with all major e-mail marketing services...

You can use ANY email marketing service you want, including Aweber, Infusionsoft, GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact, and hundreds more!

Compatible with all Email Marketing Services

Lead Site Launcher works with ALL of them - no annoying restrictions, no incompatibilities.

Simply grab the 'web form code' from your e-mail marketing service of choice, and paste into Lead Site Launcher. The next time you click the Preview button you're pages will be automatically generated with the web form perfectly positioned on the page.

Unlimited Lead Site Designs

Lead Site Launcher comes with a suite of my own proven lead page template designs that have achieved conversion rates as high as 93%... but you can create your own if you wish.

And those are just the 'basic' features!

Here's a comprehensive list of features that come as standard...

Quickly crank out one or more lead pages for every major product or service you sell . . .

Quickly Set Up A/B Split Tests
and Multi-Variate Tests

Lead Site Launcher is compatible with all major testing services including free Google Website Optimizer and premium services like Visual Website Optimizer (which I use).

In addition to all those features you also get access to online training too...

Get Instant Access to Advanced Online Training & Extra Resources . . .

The first time you login to the Customer Hub you'll be greeted with a Welcome message from me, and a brief explanation of how to use the download the software and access all the free training that comes with it.

The software is provided as a ZIP file - a single click will download the very latest version directly to your computer.

You also get three videos...

Things to Do Before You Launch1) The "Things to Do Before You Launch" video explains 6 things you can to before you start building a lead site, including an explanation of how to create the #1 most important element you need on your lead pages - something that virtually guarantees you'll be able to generated an endless streams of sales leads.

(It's the secret you'll use to generate thousands or tens of thousands of sales-leads and e-mail addresses through your lead sites.)

N.B. This first video runs to 22 minutes and 10 seconds long, and contains so much 'proprietary knowledge' I could easily sell it as a standalone product. But, you get free access to it within the next few minutes - when you click the orange button below to order Lead Site Launcher.

The second video...

Easy Installation Video2) The "Easy Installation Video" is a recording of my computer screen, recorded live as I show you exactly how to download and install Lead Site Launcher by doing it on my own website. You can simply follow along on your own computer, pause at key stages and then quickly and easily perform the same actions on your website to get Lead Site Launcher installed on your own website in less than 10 minutes.

The installation video runs to 16 minutes 9 seconds, but a lot of that is me talking and providing extra information — such as how to instantly download extra free software that works on both a Mac and PC, and which you can use to make the installation process super-easy.

You can install Lead Site Launcher on as many of your websites as you want, and after the first few times you'll probably find it takes you less than 5 minutes to install.

In the third video...

Launch video3) The "Launch Video" is another live recording of my computer screen, as I give you a 'Guided Tour' - and click through every menu option, every screen and every feature of the software, explaining each element in detail.

I took special care to record this video in a way that you can watch a few minutes at a time, hit the Pause button, then easily perform the same actions on your own website.

As well as showing you how to use the software, this video also serves as a mini-masterclass in writing lead site copy (the words) and designing creating highly effective lead pages that achieve up to 93% conversion rate.

(In this third video I reveal the biggest secret behind my own success with lead pages, along with tonnes of other tips and advice. I could sell this video on it's own for at least £100.00... but you get it included as part of your Lead Site Launcher purchase.)

With these three videos, and the Lead Site Launcher software, you're going to find it extremely easy to start generating leads and building a big list of potential customers and clients.

Also in addition to the three main training videos, I'm constantly adding new videos which are provided free when you log into the customer download area - including videos showing how to quickly set up 'web forms' in Aweber and Infusionsoft and other popular autoresponder service.

And if all these phrases sound too technical and don't mean anything to you, don't worry...

Get Exclusive Access to our Dedicated Customer Support Centre . . .

Once you're a Lead Site Launcher you'll also get exclusive access to our 'Tender App' - which is dedicated technical support web site featuring a 'knowledgebase' containing dozens of extra articles containing tips and advice on all the most common questions.

Tender App

My team and I constantly monitor this website to field any requests for help. Maybe you won't ever need this resource - but it's there if you need it.

Software Requirements

Lead Site Launcher is designed to work on the majority of websites.
There are only three things you'll need to use it...

1) Unix Web Hosting

Ask your web hosting company if your website is 'Unix and supports PHP scripts?' (If not, or if you don't currently have a web site, or your web hosting is not Unix we can provide your company with inexpensive hosting - less than £0.50p per lead site per month.)

2) Subscription to an E-mail Marketing Service'

If you're not subscribed to a service at the moment, try Aweber - they have a 30-day $1 trial and I highly recommend them. I've had an account with them for more than 5 years now. (Brilliant service for beginners and advanced marketers alike.)

You could also sign up for a fancy testing service like Visual Website Optimizer, so you can perform A/B split-tests and advanced multi-variate tests on your lead sites - but I'm getting ahead of myself. Suffice to say I've created some extra videos which show you how to do the advanced stuff once you've got Lead Site Launcher. You get links to those when you order below too.)

3) Firefox or Internet Explorer web browser.

The lead sites automatically generated by lead site launcher can be viewed with ANY web browser - even on a mobile phone.

However, to log in and use all the fancy features built into Lead Site Launcher you'll need to be using either Firefox (which is free and available for both Mac and PC) or Internet Explorer, which is built into Microsoft Windows.

Providing you can accommodate these three minor requirements, Lead Site Launcher will work just fine for you.

Hopefully having read all the above you know that with Lead Site Launcher installed on your website, you'll be launching professional Lead Sites easier and faster than most professional web developers can! (And if you are a professional web developer, you'll be able to launch Lead Sites a lot faster for your clients, making them happier, and making you more money!!)

Start building a BIG LIST . . .

You already know squeeze pages and lead pages are one of the quickest easiest way to build a big list and automatically put people into an e-mail marketing autoresponder. I'm guessing the only reason you haven't got lots of lead pages is because until now you've never been able to easily create them.

Well now you can. Simply add Lead Site Launcher to all of your existing websites - without affecting your existing websites design or layout, or install it on brand new websites --- fill in the blanks -- and start growing your e-mail list by thousands or tens of thousands of active subscribers.

There is NO limit on how many leads you can capture using lead sites generated by Lead Site Launcher. The only 'limit' is how far you want to take it.

All you have to do now is decide... which version do you want?

The Lead Site Launcher Standard Edition is £59+vat (about $97 USD) which is the full version of the software as explained above and allows you to install it on an unlimited number of your own websites, and create as many lead sites as you want.

Lead Site Launcher -
Standard Edition

Generate unlimited lead sites for your own business
£59+vat (approx $97 USD)

Instant Download


The Lead Site Launcher Marketing Consultants Edition includes ALL the features listed above, PLUS it allows you to install and run the software on an unlimited number of your clients websites as part of a paid consultancy service. (Please Note: You cannot give the software to clients for free - only as part of a paid web design and/or Internet sales-lead generation consultancy service.)

Lead Site Launcher -
Marketing Consultants Edition

Generate unlimited lead sites for you and your clients
Introductory price of £124.57+vat (about $194 USD)

Instant Download

Iif you're a marketing consultant this software will pay for itself the very first time you use it. It's a 'no-brainer'. Order now before the price increase.


You can order either version over the phone by calling my customer services team between 9am to 5pm, Mon - Fri, UK/London Time.

- Calling from a UK landline? Dial (0800) 612 0616.

- Calling from a UK mobile phone? Dial (01377) 256365

- International callers outside the UK please dial +44 1377 267365

And one final thing... even though this software is priced ridiculously low for what it'll do, I still don't want you to feel there's any risk attached.

So, let me make this absolutely ZERO RISK for you with my...

Unconditional 30-Day Money-back Guarantee


30-Day Money Back GuaranteeIt's the perfect solution for web-savvy business owners, or marketing consultants and web designers who want a faster way of creating lead sites for their clients.

Download the software today, install it and quickly launch your first lead site.

And if at any time while you're launching your first lead site you decide you don’t find it to be the quickest, easiest, most comprehensive and straightforward solution of it's kind, then simply stop using it and we'll give you your money back.

With that said, because of the brilliant feedback I've already had I know you will be nothing less than delighted and amazed with what you can create with this software.

I look forward to hearing about how this software helps you generate an endless stream of pre-qualified sales-leads and helps you grow a big list of e-mail subscribers and big paying customers and clients.

Warm regards,
Ed Rivis, creator of Lead Site Launcher.

P.S. This is new software being offered at introductory pricing. I'm going to increase the price shortly, so grab it now while it's still being offered at the special launch price.

If you only use the software to launch a single lead site it will still save you a small fortune over paying someone else to create the site for you!

P.P.S. Remember you're covered by a full 30-day money back guarantee, so there's zero risk for you anyway. Grab it now... and be amazed! :)

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